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Proud to be a Gamechanger

While there may be multiple ways to train a dog, my question would be why use any methods that don’t involve fun, love and lots of laughs? This is your best friend we’re talking about after all.

Just like us, dogs will repeat behaviors that work for them, and they will shy away from those that don’t. Why subscribe to old-fashioned training ideas when the modern approach is to use games which are fun for both teacher and student and keep everyone coming back for more. 

There are trainers out there who may promise a quick-fix for a range of unwanted behaviors from pulling on leash to not coming when called. But please consider whether the recommended solution is either fun or even pleasant? Leash jerking and collars designed to hurt will work because they punish the dog. They do nothing to show our dog what we want them to do instead.  And you won’t see a sparkle in the eyes, or a relaxed and happy mouth of a dog trained in this way. Just like us, keep the learning fun and your dog will keep coming back for more of the good times.

Keep the training fun and light-hearted.

I recently attended a 3 day dog training event in the UK – Absolute Dogs’ “Super Trainer Live.” Wow, what a great experience. Upbeat music, bright decorations, great presenters, friendly fellow attendees and tasty refreshments. We all left on a buzz and many signed up there and then for next year. And why wouldn’t they? Learning should be fun, and if you have a good time of course you’ll want to repeat it. And so it is for our furry companions.

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